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We are so confident of our work that we can offer a guarantee of "No Machine Lawn Damage". Ask our previous customers and they can tell you that at Affordable We Do What We Say and More


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"I had Kevin come to my home for some trimming, as we walked around my yard, Kevin pointed out all the surface roots in my front yard. These roots had been damaging my mower for years. Kevin suggested a root pruning. The results were fantastic and my yard looks so much better!! Thanks Kevin!"


Jim McKay  Lake Orion, Mi



Precision Root Pruning

This is necessary if the roots are interfering with infrastructures such as sidewalks, pools or other structures. If either new building or

Before Precision Root Pruning

landscaping is being added, existing tree roots may have to be cut. Knowing how much to cut without jeopardizing the survival of the tree requires an experienced arborist. Making the cuts on the roots in a proper fashion is as important as making proper pruning cuts on the upper limbs of a tree. Occasionally trimming the crown of a tree in addition to root pruning is required to reduce the effects of root loss.

Precision Root Pruning

In many cases were their is sandy soil, roots have a tendency to expand on the surface and increasing the possibility of damage to your mowing equipment. The roots are also unsightly in a well groomed lawn.


Finished Precision Root Pruning





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