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We are so confident of our work that we can offer a guarantee of "No Machine Lawn Damage". Ask our previous customers and they can tell you that at Affordable We Do What We Say and More


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"I had Kevin come to my home for some trimming, as we walked around my yard, Kevin pointed out all the surface roots in my front yard. These roots had been damaging my mower for years. Kevin suggested a root pruning. The results were fantastic and my yard looks so much better!! Thanks Kevin!"


Jim McKay  Lake Orion, Mi



Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding.

Stump grinding provides a straightforward and less abrasive stump removal process than traditional stump removal, resulting in great cost savings and eliminating damage to your lawn.

The self-propelled stump grinder excels at getting into tight spots around plantings, and is able to go through 48" fence gates to get into back yards. It works like a chipper at ground level. We make passes with the machine until the stump is ground 4-12 inches below the surface depending on the need. You are left with a controlled pile of dirt and small chips. This can easily be removed and replaced with sod or fill dirt. We provide this service at no additional charge.

We own our own machine so we are able to complete stump grinding for most jobs the same day. If you're replanting a tree, we suggest moving a good distance away from the former stump area to ensure proper root growth. As an added bonus, stump grinding creates mulch, which you can then use throughout your yard in flowerbeds, gardens and around trees.

If you want to enhance your property's appearance or are tired of mowing around your stumps, call us for a free estimate.

We offer a No Machine Lawn Damage Guarantee on all our Services.


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