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We are so confident of our work that we can offer a guarantee of "No Machine Lawn Damage". Ask our previous customers and they can tell you that at Affordable We Do What We Say and More


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"I had Kevin come to my home for some trimming, as we walked around my yard, Kevin pointed out all the surface roots in my front yard. These roots had been damaging my mower for years. Kevin suggested a root pruning. The results were fantastic and my yard looks so much better!! Thanks Kevin!"


Jim McKay  Lake Orion, Mi



Tree Services

Safety and Structural Pruning
This is a very important consideration in arboriculture. It is one of the first things we assess when we look at a job site. Besides the danger of limbs or trees falling on people and/or structures, the damage to the tree itself can be a major problem. Losing a tree can be a great loss to the value of the property, not to mention the attachment people may have to it. Besides spoiling the aesthetics of the tree and garden, limbs breaking off a tree can create injuries that jeopardize the health as well as the structural integrity of the tree.

Pruning Standards

Pruning practices shall be closely followed as outlined by ANSI A300 (American Standards Institute) pruning standards.

Affordable Tree Care provides four classes of pruning:

Class 1  Fine Pruning

Fine pruning shall consist of the removal of dead, dying, diseased, interfering, objectionable, and weak branches, as well as selective thinning to lessen wind resistance. Deadwood up to ½” in diameter may remain within the main leaf area.

Class 2  Medium Pruning

Medium pruning shall consist of the removal of dead, dying, diseased, interfering, objectionable and weak branches. Deadwood up to one inch in diameter may remain within the main leaf area.

Class3  Hazard Reduction (Safety) Pruning

Safety pruning shall consist of the removal of dead, diseased or obviously weak branches, two inches in diameter or greater.

Class 4   Crown Reduction (Drop Crotch Pruning)

Drop crotch pruning shall consist of the reduction of tops, sides, under branches or individual limbs back to appropriate stems/branches.

The following specifications shall apply to all classes of pruning:

· All cuts shall be made sufficiently close to the trunk or parent limb, without cutting into the branch collar or leaving a providing stub.

· It is necessary to precut branches too heavy to handle splitting or peeling the bark. Where necessary, branches shall be lowered to the ground by ropes or equipment.

· Treatment of cuts and wounds with tree wound dressing is optional.

The presence of any structural weakness, disease conditions, decayed trunk or branches, split crotches or branches should be reported to the supervisor and/or the owner.
Removing Trees. Although we may not like it, removing trees is sometimes necessary under certain circumstances. When cutting a tree down, it is critical to exercise care to protect people, structures, and other plants on your property.

We offer replacement trees for your convenience.

Stump Grinding. Stumps left from removed trees and shrubs may be unsightly or may be in the way of new planting or construction. We can provide this service while we are there to remove a tree or we can be called upon to take care of old stumps from the past.
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